WCD Ministry to forward suggestions of experts to Verma panel

The WCD Ministry will forward several measures like creating women friendly public spaces, banning violent video games and zero-tolerance towards violence against elected women representatives to Justice Verma panel, Union Minister Krishna Tirath said today.

“Based on inputs given by experts, we are forwarding several suggestions related to the safety and security of women to the Justice J S Verma Commission. We will also send them to the home ministry,” the Women and Child Development Minister said here.

The Justice Verma Commission had been set up by the government to relook and examine the present laws to protect the safety and dignity of women.


The Ministry last week had held a consultation meeting where experts including civil society organisations, activists, legal experts and government representatives had provided inputs on women-related issues.

In the consultation meeting, women’s affairs activist Dr Ranjana Kumari said gender budgeting a very critical component for implementation and the the government should start the implementation of legislatures with the help of effective mechanism of gender budgeting.

Another expert Dr Mira Shiva said the Health Ministry should have a unit specifically called Gender and Health Units. She also spoke about measures like banning certain violent video games which are in clandestine circulation.

Dr V Mohini Giri from Guild for Services expressed hope in the current youth movement that it would strengthen the political will and pro-women stance of the Government. She also demanded that the WCD Ministry should be given a Cabinet status. (More)




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