How Can U Support

If you are a Blogger: Use your writing skills now and start blogging on this topic. We will make you an author of our Blog, with  this you can directly post on our blog under your name

If you are a Twitterrati: Tweet, Retweet using either our twitter handle @indiaprotests26 or hash tag #indiaprotest26. Invite your followers to follow our twitter handle and help us spread the word. Make the handle and hash tag trend so more and more people nationally and internationally can support the cause.

If you are a Facebook Fan: Like our page and invite your friends to like the page and create conversations, post pictures, videos, etc., Lets do this for her

If you are a video freak: Search videos on this topic, extract them and send it to us so that we can host the same on our Youtube channel. Send the videos to

If you are a web developer/designer: Please help create a webpage to make the cause prominent on the online world

If you are an SEO Expert: Please help spread the word and suggest tips that can take our message to everyone present on the digital space

If you are a social media expert/app developer: Develop a creative app that can help us to spread the message of the cause. Help us to better design the page and twitter profiles. Suggest tips that can help us to make this initiative more viral.

If you are a PR professional: Please create press releases and send it across to as many media people as possible so that they write about the initiative

And of course if you work with any of the media houses, you know what is required from you.


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