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Lawyers refuse to defend Delhi gang-rape accused

NEW DELHI: Lawyers at a court, hearing the case of a fatal gang-rape which has shocked the nation on Wednesday said they would refuse to defend the men accused of taking part in the assault and murder.

Hearings are expected to begin on Thursday at theSaket district court in New Delhi, where police will formally present a 1,000-page charge sheet against the six-person gang.

“We have decided that no lawyer will stand up to defend the rape accused as it would be immoral to defend the case,” Sanjay Kumar, a lawyer and a member of the Saket District Bar Council, said.

Kumar said the 2,500 advocates registered at the court have decided to “stay away” to ensure “speedy justice”, meaning the government would have to appoint lawyers for the defendants. Another lawyer at the court confirmed the boycott.

Five men are expected to face charges including rape, murder and kidnapping in the Saket court, with the prosecutor likely to seek the death sentence.

A sixth suspect is believed to be 17 years old, meaning he would be tried in a juveniles’ court, but police are conducting bone tests to determine his age.

The brutality and horrific nature of the attack on a 23-year-old has led to protests in the capital and elsewhere over the widespread abuse of women and sex crime.

The rape victim died at the weekend after 13-day struggle to survive injuries so grievous that part of her intestines had to be removed



Women to go black top to bottom today

Continuing with the relentless protests against the gang rape of a medical student in Delhi, women in the national capital will observe Kaala Divas today. “We will wear black top to bottom on Thursday. We will display the voice of protest on black placards. All those participating will also take an off from office,” said Shruti Kolhi, editor of, which is spearheading the campaign.

Protesters will assemble at Jantar Mantar and march towards India Gate. “However, we haven’t got permission to go to India Gate. If we fail to get it, we will protest all day at Jantar Mantar,” said Delhi-based lawyer Sonia Raina.

Having spread the message through social media, Kohli says women from across the country have confirmed their participation in this unique form of protest. Several institutions have cancelled exams in view of Kaala Divas. The Visvesvaraya Technological University and the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board have postponed exams scheduled for January 3. The Calcutta University, Madras University and Karnataka University have promised active participation.

There are plans to take the protest further. Kolhi plans to start her community outreach programme in urban villages from Friday. “We need to admonish eve-teasers publicly and whenever a girl does that, others should support her. This is my idea of taking the protests ahead,” said Alka Priyadarshini, a Delhi-based professional.

Fight Back App for Women Safety

Tech Mahindra had long back developed an application called FightBack
which was being used only by the staff members of Mahindra Group.

After the gang-rape of a woman in New Delhi; Anand Mahindra has now
thrown open this smart phone application for public use, beyond
Mahindra employees.

The FightBack application tracks a user’s location and sends SOS
messages to selected contacts in case of an emergency.

This application is now available for download on the company website

The FightBack app allows the user to press on a panic button whenever
he/she feels unsafe.

It tracks the location using GPS and alerts chosen contacts about the
location map and is available on Android and Blackberry.
Steps – How to download the applicatio

1 – Register yourself or login through Faceback with Post click.
2 – After the successful Login in the portal, Click to Download.
3 – Enter the mobile number on which you want to deploy for the Fight
Back application.

4 – Select your handset on which you would like to download the

application from the device list.
5 – Click on Download button, and you will receive the link to download via SMS.
6 – By clicking on the downloadable link within the received SMS your
application will start downloading.

Cheers to Mahindra Group 
Do spread this to create awareness.